About the cattery

Hello my dear friends!
I’m pleased to welcome you to this cattery breeding site “Deineseelen”!
I can’t imagine those times when people lived without cats. People are very interesting creatures, they not only domesticated this fluffy animal  but settled them in their houses and took care of them. Nowadays a cat is  part of the family. Our love of cats is such that we lavish care on them as we do with our own children.

I love my pets with all my heart! I take care of their health and eutrophy. Every kitten breed in our family. We pay special attention to the social upbringing, good temperament and strong health to all of our cats. Our cats are play and have a walk on a day-to-day basis and of course they have lots of love and mothering. Bengali is an unique cat, it’s the ancestor of the asian leopard cat, therefore it has killer instinct, is very energetic and loves to conquer new peaks. It has an excellent memory and  strong study capabilities. They are lively, energetic, love to play till old age, adore water and even bath themselves. They require love and attention, they like to be in their owners hands or on their shoulder. However this is only if they so wish as they don’t like to be made to go there! Bengalis are charismatic, with silken fur, leopard coat and fawnlike grace… All of these features make it a really fascinating animal! Despite this exotic appearance Bengalis don’t require time consuming or demanding care. DeineSeelen from German means “your soul”. If you want a cat that will be part of your soul and family, then we will with great pleasure help you find one and answer any questions you might have.